Researching and Writing


Ascent Tutorials aims to develop a love for science in every student - with exceptional marks as a by-product!

Our founder believes in a very holistic approach towards coaching - with every single concept being simplified & made fun to learn.

That is the basis of all our efforts.


Here’s what sets Ascent Tutorials apart:

  • Every single concept broken down into small simple topics

  • Personal coaching & small batches only to give individual attention

  • Provision of personalised plan for every student. Identifying which areas student will require more attention and practice

  • Extensive doubt sessions which are crucial for entrance, generally other tutorials are not able to solve each one’s doubts due to student- teacher ratio.

  • We schedule lectures depending on number of doubts and their availability so student doesn’t have to adjust his schedule.

  • Comprehensive test series for complete understanding of every topic

  • Online & offline test series

  • Special offering: On-Demand Test Series (with varied difficulty levels as per requirement)